How have labour and production developed after the end of “Fordism”? To answer this question, the rich data of over 40 years of qualitative research is being annotated and evaluated in five piloting research projects. The new methods of IT-based secondary analysis of the qualitative material this endeavor requires are being developed in close interdisciplinary cooperation between Sociology, Information Science and IT. They include identification of requirements, development of concepts and the testing of new solutions in IT. A centre for competence and counseling is being set up, aiming at the long-term provision of infrastructure, research data and tools as well as the establishment of IT-based secondary analysis. SUB Göttingen is developing a modular Virtual Research Environment (VRE) including tools focused on sociological research of labour. In addition, SUB Göttingen provides a data model for qualitative studies, surveys and other types of sociological data from the cooperating partners.



01.10.2015 - 30.09.2018



Dr. Stefan Schmunk

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